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As a South Florida native, Alec studied at Dreyfoos School of the Arts, participated and earned several awards in the State Thespian Festival, and received his BA in Theatre at The Florida State University. Since then, he’s worked in regional theaters, workshopped new musicals, sailed across Northern and Eastern Europe as a lead vocalist, and has been on multiple commercial, TV, and film sets.

Aside from his passion for acting, Alec finds immense joy in teaching other young artists and watching them flourish in their work.

While living as a professional actor in New York, Alec has gathered all the tools he’s acquired from his training and experiences on stage and set to impart on those who want to learn the tips and tricks of honing their skills. He’s willing to dive into this wondrous craft and work one-on-one with artists no matter what level they’re at.

Whether they’re brand new to acting or working professionally, he’s eager to help in any capacity with any kind of acting work. Alec is incredibly excited to offer one-on-one coaching in Dreyfoos audition preparation, college audition preparation, acting-through-song, and TV/Film sides. His goal is to create an environment for artists to be challenged in a safe space while also having fun doing what we love.


Whether you're auditioning for Dreyfoos, a college program, or a professional job, we'll create an audition package that best showcases your unique brand as an artist.



You can bring in a brand new monologue you'd like to add to your repertoire or dust off a trusted classic of yours to freshen up. Either way, we'll be cultivating an organic performance where you'll be able to understand and connect to the character's truth and translate it through your own unique lens.



Learn how to break down and discover the subtext of the lyrics. Get lost in the world of the song and learn how to connect the images, feelings, and ideas that appear when listening to your piece.



Learn how to make the camera your best friend! Sharpen your self-taping skills! Bring in requested audition material or prepared sides from a TV show or film to work on. You must provide your own reader if it's a scene.

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