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Tootsie the Musical (1st National Tour),
Dir. Dave Solomon

"Alec Ruiz is in full-fledge scene burglar mode as Michael's cynical pal, Jeff, whose profanity-laden tirade of a number in 'Jeff Sums It Up' is by far the show's best song."

- Phil Villarreal, Because I Told You So (click here for full review)

The Addams Family, Florida State University

"Ruiz is exactly the Gomez Addams you love and hope for. He charms all, as doting husband and loving father — and the trap that being both can cause. And he has a laugh that, well ... you should just go hear it."

- Hannah Talbot, Tallahassee Democrat (click here for full review)

The Servant of Two Masters, Florida State University

“'Servant' takes slapstick, errors comedy, and a dash of improvisation, puts them in a blender, and churns them together to make you laugh. As in “One Man,” most of the heavy lifting is done by the leading player, and in the hands of Ruiz, Truffaldino is as quirky and affable as ever. Whether he’s breaking the fourth wall or making grand physical gestures, he’s a lovable barrel of energy from beginning to end. He’s TNT."

Neil Coke, Tallahassee Democrat (click here for full review)

Cloud 9, Florida State University

"Ruiz is the central driving force of Lucas' first act, a strong straight man to the shenanigans, impressive in his presence. Ruiz and Howell are the strength that turns the first act into something digestible, enjoyable even . . . Ruiz will evoke a lot of laughter in the second act for reasons audiences will enjoy being shocked by, and he is certainly as strong in his humor as his straight drama"

-Trevor Durham, Broadway World (click here for full review)

Twelfth Night, Florida State University

"Speaking of fools, no production of Twelfth Night would be complete without a knavish Feste- the town’s fool. Alec Ruiz uses his animated abilities to invigorate the character with an almost Johnny Depp-like energy. His bawdy delivery and smooth voice bring more layers into this already excellent production."


-Trevor DurhamUloop (click here for full review)

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